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Reveal Systems is proud to provide this powerfull
SPAM Filtering and E-mail Archive service.

Revealmail provides company-wide e-mail integrity. It enables businesses to manage and secure their entire e-mail life cycle through validation, security, archiving and mobility.

Revealmail is designed to handle all corporate and user needs related to e-mail and the intellectual property it contains.

Revealmail is server-based, or securityappliance based, so administration is simple. IT administrators can set global control and permissions, as well as determine which domains and users should be blacklisted or whitelisted based on corporate policies. They can also decide whether e-mail is encrypted, how it is stored and which employees can access stored e-mail.

Key features and benefits


For your individual service quotation, please contact:

Joseph A. Yandrofski

Phone: 303-500-1104

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